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ShanQi (ShangHai)Machinery CO.,LTD
Add:No. 6558 Ting Wei Road Jinshan Industrial Zone Shanghai
No solvent dry dual-use complex machine
Pro Info

SQ-A no solvent dry dual-use complex machine is a multi-function machine set of a solventless laminator and dry compound machine in one. Inherited the dry compound machine and fourth generation without all performance characteristics of solvent laminating machine, is currently on the market at the same time processing dry compound and no the best composite machine of composite properties of solvent.

No solvent dry dual-use complex machine features:

1 solvent free composite & dry composite dual-purpose.

2 to 330 meters per minute speed complex, coins can not stand side [that] machines with high speed and stable operation

3.Solvent free composite machine 3 talking, thinking

4.EMC black box techniques successfully used

5.MCP quasi 17 gap adjustment, feeler detection challenge 0.6 micron precision [completely out of the traditional]

6.Radar system 6.CCM real-time coating amount detection [WRJ-13] solvent free composite machine

7.FMCSM melon type adhesive [thoroughly and throw away the traditional calculator ratio]

8.MWP blank width addressing

9 only four rotating luxury rollers, achieve multi standard base material composite [at least for customers to save money 80000 yuan of above]

10 two double station, realize the Mandarin film composite [bottom material side of the film, while non Du aluminum film]