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ShanQi (ShangHai)Machinery CO.,LTD
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SQASY-C seven motor speed computer gravure printing machine
Pro Info
Seven motor speed computer gravure printing machine features:
1 host, receiving, put materials received, discharge traction motors are used in vector control frequency (automatic seven motor tension control)
2 vertical and lateral chromatic automatic tracking, with a pre-registration feature.
3 retractable material for volume-speed non-stop automatic cutting
4. The whole closed-loop tension control, four floating roller seven synchronous motors
5 water-cooled roll cooling device
6 oil seal gear box drive
7 biaxial pneumatic scraper, string momentum ± 6mm
8 double precision chromatic and pre-set screw actuators
9 External independent heating system
10 None shaft-mounted version, impression cylinder Cots points up and self-locking function
11 imported brands dancer Zhang strength and valve (Japan Proton positions)
12. Achieve lift-speed chromatic stability, to achieve a high yield