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ShanQi (ShangHai)Machinery CO.,LTD
Add:No. 6558 Ting Wei Road Jinshan Industrial Zone Shanghai
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ASY-D-type - modular gravure printing machine (optional computerized automatic color register system)
Pro Info
Combined gravure printing machine uses:
The machine is suitable for BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, aluminum foil, paper, thin-skinned and other roll materials with excellent printing performance multicolor continuous printing
1, the latest improved gear box, clutch version of the device, the high topping precision.
2, closed oven, do not show the iron plate-fin heat drying systems, energy efficient quick-drying.
3, unwinding automatic tension control system magnetic brake, torque motor rewinding, static balance aluminum alloy guide roll, maintaining stable tension.
4, dual-career median income volume, semi-automatic non stop refueling.
5, Pneumatic dandy roll, the average pressure, and convenient.
6, frequency control, front and back of a continuous printing.