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ShanQi (ShangHai)Machinery CO.,LTD
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ASYSQ-E1 type - computer speed gravure printing machine
Pro Info
Computer speed gravure printing machine use:
The machine is suitable for cellophane, BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, aluminum foil and paper roll material has excellent printing performance multicolor continuous printing for a wide variety of high-end print.
1, the whole of the nest, according to user requirements change color group and add on reverse printing mechanism
2, the host traction, rewinding adopt frequency synchronous speed.
3, Pneumatic backpressure moving scraper, when there is no shaft pneumatic conic Edition, version for provincial convenient.
4, unwinding with automatic constant tension and magnetic brake control.
5, the printing press roller, pressure roller and traction oven opening and closing are controlled by pneumatic components.
6, closed lengthened oven, energy-saving quick-drying, automatic temperature control system.
7, ink circulating system, inflatable retractable shaft.
8, high-precision gear box, using patented technology.
9, retractable volumes are tumbling duplex, non-stop automatic feeding.
10, the use of super-hard anodized aluminum alloy guide roll static equilibrium.
11, automatic computer registering devices and computer still examining graphics.
12, optional diesel air oven heating furnace system.