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ShanQi (ShangHai)Machinery CO.,LTD
Add:No. 6558 Ting Wei Road Jinshan Industrial Zone Shanghai
SQ-K solvent-free high-speed multi-roll coating laminating machine
Pro Info
Solvent-free high-speed multi-roll coating compound machine is designed for soft plastic packaging plastic composite materials and the most advanced design of a solvent-free two-component polyurethane hot melt adhesive coating and laminating machine, machine configuration, control automation, coating weight at least 1 gram per square meter, the highest composite coating speed of 350 m / min.

solventless laminating machine
Solvent-free laminating machine is mainly used in food packaging, medical packaging and other packaging and printing industries.
Main features:
Solvent-free laminating machine with five rolls of composite bodies, servo motor drive, the speed difference by roller coating weight control, the minimum coating amount of 3g / m, the precise amount of coating, composite uniform fast (up to 350m/min)